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The Conversations of Lovers and Teams

When I read “The Conversations of Lovers and Teams,” the latest article in the Journal of Beautiful Business, I thought of something my first mentor Julia once said: communication is everything, and a conversation—a real, nourishing, honest one—can be the start of anything.

But when does talking actually become a conversation? I believe it’s when we stop assuming and reacting, and start to be fully present, even empathize with, the people with whom we are speaking. When we listen more closely and openly, we respond more easily from a place that is not limited by our role, but from a meta level where we can hear what’s really being said.

On my board of aspirations at home, one of the post-its says: “Less of the same conversations,” which also implies having more conversations that work–not just the kind that are mind opening, inspiring, and inviting, but also the ones that can be uncomfortable, challenging, and painful. Author João Sevilhano references “the kitchen” as a ritual space where teams learn to have conversations about conversation. It’s one of several practices that help build the skills we need to have conversations about work that work.

And of course, as João also points out, it’s always the kitchen where the real party happens. So just a heads-up that you may find the most remarkable conversations at the House of Beautiful Business happening somewhere on the stairway between the first and second floor—or around the tables in the kitchen.

Here’s to good conversation!

Monika and your House of Beautiful Business Team


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