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Take a tour of the new House – a (former) bank

Drumroll please: the house is in the House!

Our theme for this year is “The Battle for Beautiful Business,” and for that we’re going straight into the lion’s den. After our opening kickoff at the Academy of Sciences on Saturday and Sunday (Nov 2-3), the three weekdays (Nov 4-6) of the House of Beautiful Business 2019 will take place in a bank, or, rather, in what used to be a bank.

The former main office of Banco BPI, one of Portugal’s biggest banks, is located in the heart of Lisbon’s financial center, right by the city’s main square, the Praça do Comércio. The more than 500 bankers who used to work here (and whose souls still appear to be present…) have moved out, the building is empty—and we’re moving in. Our task: to transform 10,000 square meters, five floors, more than 50 rooms, and various storefronts facing Lisbon’s busiest pedestrian zone into the pop-up headquarters of beautiful business.

It’s a building rich with stories and secrets (including those kept in the vaults), and a place that invites us to think together about our changing notions of work, culture, value, and success. It’s also an incredible opportunity to create a House that is immersive, playful, and interactive; that connects the history of work with the future of work; and that serves as a platform for anyone wanting to build the tenets of a more humane society in an age of machines.

In other words: It’s your House!
We will get the space ready for you, but your participation will bring it to life. There’ll be a coworking floor, exhibitions, showrooms, several stages, social lounges, workshop rooms, a photo studio, a music studio, an “Optimization Room,” a “Sky Bar,” and also, per popular request, a quiet area we’re calling “The Snoezelen Room.”

Take a tour of the building
and explore what will await you at the House.

The bank is a gift from the Lisbon-based conscious real estate firm Essentia. José Gil Duarte and Diogo Texeira from Essentia attended last year’s House and loved it so much that they offered us access to this unique property while it is being transitioned into a new facility. We’re extremely grateful for their generosity.

We can do something brave and beautiful with the bank. 
During the weeks before we officially open doors on November 2, we can open parts of the building for select events, exhibitions, and other activities. We have some ideas for this, but we would love to hear yours.

Email us at

Think big, think beautiful!

In excitement and anticipation,

Tim & your House of Beautiful Business Team


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